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By Rosemary Calvert FRPS FRGS

The advent of digital photography has opened up an entirely new area of photography. I am now working with creative conceptual ideas, some of which involve digital manipulation.

Money doesn't grow on trees
(digital composite)
Creative image 200481167-001

Volcano created with pound coins producing two pound coins.
Concept: investment.
Creative image 200481164-001

Frog climbing up pile of pebbles to reach strawberry
Concept: effort, challenge, struggle, temptation.
(digital composite)
Creative Image 200443737-001
Frogs forming circle. (digital composite)
Concept: brainstorming, togetherness
Creative image 200432033-004

Two pound coin germinating
(digital composite)
Concept;growth, finance.
Creative image 200481147-001

All images copyright Rosemary Calvert