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Rosemary Calvert FRPS FRGS

The Royal Photographic Society has recently registered a trade mark which can be used by those holding a distinction.

Link to Royal Photographic Society website.
My photographic sales are now primarily through Getty Images so I have decided to record my best selling images each month for both Royalty Free images (RF) and Rights Managed (RM). By best sellers I mean those images that were most financially rewarding each month. These images show something of a departure from my nature, wildlife and flower photography and I feel will give visitors to my site a better idea of my work at present.
Getty Images
Double six, the height of good fortune.
Best selling RF image for July 2013
Sold in UK
Getty images
Entire deep red rose with water drops
Best selling RM image for July 2013
Sold in New York for Fashion/textiles.

Getty Images
Stems of lavender flowers
ID 89369499
Best selling RF image for May 2013

Sold in Germany
Getty Images
Petals in whirl at centre of red rose
ID 111725183
Best selling RM image for May 2013
Sold in New York - Harper Collins NY - childrens
Book cover, print and electronic

Getty Images
Square of colourful cupcakes, purple background.
ID 98310479
Best selling RF image for March 2013
Sold twice, UK and France
Getty Images
Red anemone flower in close-up
ID 143278570
Best selling RM image for March 2013
Sold in France -Newspaper and Magazine Print Ad. for Agariculture, Farming, Fishing and Horticulture.

Getty Images
Two green grapes joined by stalks
ID 143354257
Best selling RF image for February 2013
Sold in New York, U.S.A.

Getty Images
Square of dark chocolate
ID 83589842
Best selling RM image for February 2013
Sold in China for Food - All Advertising Pack 2013 - 2020

Getty images
Ripe orange growing on tree
ID 85997800
Best selling RF image for January 2013
Sold in UK
Getty images
Oranges, lemons, limes and satumas
ID 200333128-001
Best selling RM image for January 2013
Sold in Sweden for web - corporate and promotional site.

Getty Images
Natural light and red rocks, Antelope Canyon.
Best selling RF image for December 2012
Sold in United Kingdom
Getty Images
Petal swirl at centre of pink rose soft focus
Best selling RM image for December 2012
Sold in Ohio, U.S.A. for product packaging, covers and tags.
Bath and Body Work.

Getty Images
Bright holly berries and leaves, copy space bellow
ID 132302967
Best selling RF image for November 2012
Sold four times - Portugal, Japan and UK twice.
Getty images
Five stacks of round, smooth pebbles.
Best selling RM image for November 2012
Sold In U.S. for Business Consulting/Services.
Scale Venture Partners.

Getty Images
Bright holly berries and leaves, copy space bellow
ID 132302967
Best selling RF image for October 2012
Sold in France to Grenade & Sparks
Getty Images
Entire deep red rose in close-up
ID 111725184
Best selling RM image for October 2012
Sold in New York for product packaging, covers and tags.

Getty Images
Wet granite pebbles on beach
ID 89649590
Best selling RF image for September 2012
Sold in France to KBI.RICHEL IEU
Getty Images
Autumnal maple leaves arranged to create a circle
ID 8475281
Best selling RM image for September 2012
Sold in U.K. three times for web and promotional uses

Getty Images
Shopping bag brimming with fresh fruit and vegetables
ID 11720967
Best selling RF image for August 2012
Sold  in the U.S.A. to TraynorArt Direct
Getty Images
Dew drop at centre of nasturtium
ID 200116308-001
Best selling RM image for August 2012
Sold for web use to IMS Health in U.S.A.
Getty Images
Quarter of fresh ripe papaya
ID 111718965
Best selling RF image for July 2012
Sold in Portugal to BRANDNEW
Getty Images
Red Japanese maple leaves (Acer palmatum)
ID 200128800-001
Best selling RM image for July 2012
Sold in UK to 'Like a River' for Social and Environmental Issues

Getty Images
Beautiful bright pink cosmos and Deep pink cosmos flower in close-up
ID 137878968 and ID 89437347
Tie best selling RF images for June 2012
sold in Italy for use by Cartiere Pigna
Getty Images
Row of five beech leaves in increasing size
ID 81868777
Best selling RM image for June 2012
Sold three times in New York to JP Morgan Chase Digital media for display and promotion.

Getty Images
Fresh red chilli
ID 90126058
Best selling RF image for May 2012
Getty images
Pink tulips close-up
ID 200333149-001
Best selling RM image for May 2012
Sold in Korea for TV, advertising and electronic packaging

Pink rose against a white background
ID 200344365-001
Best selling RF image for April 2012
Flame red dahlia with water drops in close-up
ID 132308063
Best selling RM image for April 2012
Sold in Germany for Financial Services

Fresh ripe strawberries, one cut into halves
ID 119596729
Best selling RF image for March 2012
Sold for the highest price I've ever sold a RF image - remarkable.
Raspberries in close-up
Best selling RM image for March 2012
Sold in New York for use on web corporate and promotional site.

Ripe fresh organic strawberry
Image ID 89199857
Best RF image for February 2012

Square of chocolate
ID 83589843
Best selling RM image for Februaru 2012
Sold three times in Portugal for book, web and food.
Fresh apricot and apricot halves
ID 83396544
Best selling RF image for January 2012

Pale pink cosmos flower
Best selling RM image for January 2012
Sold in Ohio, USA for use in bath and body works advert.

Square of colourful cupcakes,
purple background
ID 98310479
Best selling RF image for December 2011

Stack of rounded pebbles, side view
ID 200403237- 001
Best selling RM image for December 2011
Sold in France and Hong Kong for use in advertisements.
Nuts and dried fruit spilling from bowl
ID 111718646
Best selling RF image for November 2011
Orange gerbera detail
ID 427930-001
Best selling RM image for November 2011
Sold in Czech Republic for Beauty/Personal Care

Sliced quarters and whole orange
ID 108037202
Best selling RF image for October 2011
One fresh strawberry cut in half
ID 96439902
Best selling RM image for October 2011
Sold in Middle East for beauty product packaging

Close-up of jelly bean sweets
ID 96440047
Best selling RF image for September 2011
Granite pebbles with quartz veins lined up
ID 200456482-001
Best selling RM image for September 2011
Sold in France for use in financial services.

Juicy orange slices filling frame
ID 108036676
Best selling RF image for August 2011
www. gettyimages.com
Water drops on Dahlia El Paso
ID 105066324
Best selling RM image for August 2011
Sold in Germany for beauty product packaging

Deep pink cosmos flower in close-up
ID 89437347
Best selling RF image for July 2011

Ash tree in field
ID 200443720-001
Best selling RM image for July 2011
Sold in France for pharmaceutical display
Idyllic beach in Caribbean with palm tree
ID 105691724
Best selling RF image for June 2011
Pink orchid flowers
ID sb 10064593i-001
Best selling RM image for June 2011
Sold in France for advertising, marketing and public relations.

Circle of seven colourful cupcakes on pink background
ID 98310480
Best selling RF image for May 2011
Water drops on red rose bud
ID 200333144-001
Best selling RM image for May 2011
Sold in Italy for financial services

Bunch of fresh juicy green grapes with leaves
and granite pebbles
ID 98310762 and ID 89649595
Joint best RFsellers for April 2011
Close up of pink orchid flower, one sharp focus
ID 105185904
Best RM sale for April 2011
Sold in Texas, U.S. A. for Forestry brochure

White bowl of soft fresh fruits and berries
Best selling RF image for March 2011

Scattered red rose petals with water drops
ID 20029011-001
Best selling RM image for March 2011
sold in UK for world wide use in beauty product advertising

ID 83313191
Best selling RF image for February 2011
Green shoots appearing to grow of pile of broken bark
ID 89581057
Best selling RM image for February 2011+

Bottle of champagne chilling in deep snow
ID. 97360760
Best selling RF image for January 2011
Entire nasturtium leaf covered with water drops
ID 105066323
Best selling RM image for January 2011
Sold in Singapore for advertising financial service.

Half a ripe, red bell pepper and One fresh organic loganberry
ID 105186383 and ID 93187252
Joint RF best selling images for November 2010
Waterdrops on pink rose petal and Close up of part of dahlia flower with water drops
ID 200333147-001 and ID 83589859
Joint RM best selling images for November 2010
Sold in Middle East for product packaging.

Wedge of lime
Best RF sale of October 2010
Pile of ripe, juicy berries
Best RM sale of October 2010
Used in Japan for beauty and personal care product packaging

Bunch of fresh juicy red grapes with leaves
ID 98310759
Best RF sale for September 2010
Japanese Maple leaves
Best RM sales for September 2010

Sprig of mint
Best RF sale for August 2010
Circle created with beech leaves
Sold in Australia for product packaging, covers and labelling.
Best RM sale for August 2010

Ripe strawberry
New image licensed July 2010.
Sold first month it was uploaded to Getty website.
Best RF sale for July 2010

Red maple leaves
ID 200128800-001
This photo was taken years ago at Westonbirt Arboretum.
Licensed in GB July 2010 for trade show.

Liquorice allsorts - ID 96440046
Sold for first time in June 2010   
Best RF free sale in June 2010
Orange peel - Image ID sb10062685m-002
Licensed twice in June 2010 to USA for advertisement and tradeshow.  
Best RM sale

Beef tomato with water drops
Image ID 82399257
Best selling RF image in May 2010.
This image has now sold 14 times.
Red rose bud with water drops -  Image ID 200333144-001
Licensed twice in May 2010 to Italy for financial services print and tradeshow display
Image has sold 15 times. Now 6th best selling RM image in my  Photographer's Choice brand.   

Ripe fresh organic strawberry
Image ID 89199857
Best RF image for April 2010
Whole and half pomegranate - Image ID 89199857
Best RM image sale for April 2010
Sold for product packaging in the UK

Glass of orange juice with two segments of orange
Image ID 89652560
Best RF sale for March 2010
Palo Santo tree, Galapagos
Image ID200432055-001
Best RM sale for March 2010. Licenced for book cover in Florida.

Passion fruit
Image ID 82399261
Best RF image sale for February 2010
Sycamore leaf close up
Image ID 200025025-001
Best RM sale for February 1010
Licensed  to German Transport and Freight company.

2008 Front Covers.
Rosemary's   56th  front cover of AG  (photo to follow)
January 12th 2008  issue.

2007 Front Covers.

Rosemary's   55th  front cover of AG  (photo to follow)
November 17th 2007 issue.
On sale from Tuesday 13th Novemer 2007

Rosemary's  54th Front cover of AG (Photo to follow)
September 15th 2007 issue.
On sale Tuesday 11th September 2007

Rosemary Laird
On 7th June 2007 I am delighted to say I married Angus Laird and although my professional name with remain as Rosemary Calvert I have taken Angus' name and will also be known as Rosemary Laird.

20 of my images and a biography have been uploaded to www.portfolios.com a North American website used to source creative talent. To view my portfolio click on www.portfolios.com/RosemaryCalvert

New web page.
I've started a new page 'Ideas'. Have a look.

Smart Photography, India's number one magazine, interviews Rosemary about her work and features eight of her macro images in their beautifully produced September 2006 issue.

To contact Smart Photography Magazine

For write up about magazine on internet click on

2006 Front Covers.

Rosemary's 52nd Front Cover of AG
July 1st 2006 issue
Rosemary's   53rd Front Cover of AG
September 16th issue.
On sale Tuesday 12th September 2006

Galapagos May 2006
What an amazing place. It was incredible to be surrounded by so much completely fearless wildlife. We literally had to walk round blue-footed boobies and iguanas on the paths. I've started a Galapagos web page. Click on 'Galapagos Islands' at the top of this page to see the new images I have uploaded.

December 2005
On  December 8th 2005 I was nominated as a member to the Associateship and Fellowship Travel Panel

Hard disk failure.
If you're a frequent visitor to my website you may have noticed that there were no updates for some months.  This was the result of a major hard disk failure for no apparent reason. I lost everything and had to pay mammoth amounts for the retrieval of my files, a lesson learnt the hard way. I have also had an external hard drive fail so I now save my photo files on CDs. I've had trouble retrieving information from DVDs so I'm giving them a miss. Anyway all is up and running now so look out for updates.

Front cover of 16th April 2005 issue of Amateur Gardening, May 2005 issue of Gardening Answers and front cover of Practical Photography November 2005 issue. (photos to follow eventually)

Featured Client.   I was selected by Joe van Os photosafaris to be their 'Featured Client' for April to June 2005. Click on www.photosafaris.com to see the feature.

Marks & Spencers 2005 Valentine's Day red rose

image ba19328

Marks and Spencers used the above red rose in their Valentine's Day 2005 displays. Every photographer's dream. Thanks are due to Guildford M & S for allowing me to photograph their displays.

Garden Photographers website  http://www.garden-photographers.com
Scroll down and select 'View Portfolio' to see samples of Rosemary's work.

Women Photographers
I've just joined a group of about 90 women in photography who have a website www.womenphotographers.com  On the website are portfolios of some excellent photography covering numerous fields - wedding, still-life, portrait, landscape, nature, sailing, motor sport, equestrian, industrial, astronomy, floral, abstract - you'll need to visit the web site to see the full range. They have a library of articles and I have been asked to contribute an article about my polar travel to this collection which I will do shortly. Click on the link to see my portfolio.

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
 I'm very pleased to announce that on 5th July 2004  I was accepted as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society on the strength of my travels and photography. www.rgs.org

'William Cheung leaves Practical Photography'.
 A number of visitors have come through to my website having entered
'William Cheung and Practical Photography'.

After 19 years on the editorial staff of Practical Photography and 10 years as editorWilliam Cheung has chosen to make a career move.
 Readers will miss William's talented and unique style of writing in PP as well as his face looking out from its pages. I've worked with William for 7 years and always admired his talents and great enthusiasm for photography. I'm sure there are many readers of PP who would like to thank Will for his contribution to the development of their photographic skills over the last 19 years.  To contact Will email  Willtherooster@hotmail.com .

William Cheung took up his position as Editorial Director of Archant Specialist on 1st March 2004. He will be overseeing 8 magazines which includes Photography Monthly, What Camera, Total Digital Photography and Professional Photographer.

William's new position was published in the Bureau of Freelance Photographers, February 2004 Market Newsletter. This is how his new job description is described in the newsletter:-
'It has been announced that he (William Cheung) has taken up the position of editorial director at Archant Specialist, publisher of Photography Monthly, Professional Photographer and various other photographic publications. His brief is to use his considerable experience in promoting what is now the UK's largest stable of photography-related titles.'

William has a website at www.williamcheung.co.uk  

Rosemary's 2005 Front Covers

Amateur Gardening front cover
12th February 2005 issue
49th front cover of Amateur Gardening

Amateur Gardening front cover
19th March 2005 issue
50th front cover of Amateur Gardening

Rosemary's 2004 Front Covers

Garden Answers front cover
September 2004 issue
1st front cover of Garden Answers
Amateur Gardening front cover
10th July 2004 issue
48th front cover of Amateur Gardening
Amateur Gardening front cover
3rd January 2004 issue
47th front cover of Amateur Gardening

Rosemary's 2003 Front Covers

Amateur Gardening front cover
22nd February 2003 issue  
43rd front cover of Amateur Gardening

Amateur Gardening front cover
2nd May 2003 issue
44th front cover of Amateur Gardening

Amateur Gardening front cover
16th August 2003 issue
45th front cover of Amateur Gardening.
Amateur Gardening front cover
1st November 2003 issue  
46th front cover of Amateur Gardening

Sunday Times 29th June
Photo of a lamb on the front page of the money section of the Sunday Times.
(image from www.imagestate.co.uk        image 5005-105, search 'lamb' for more of Rosemary's lambs.)
Practical Photography
front cover March 2003 issue.

Photo Agency News
SuperStock was bought by a21 www.a21group.com on 6th March 2004. Haim Ariav, president of a21, has been named as president of SuperStock.. More changes are expected in the near future. Superstock was pleased with a lengthy article on their developement  in the Florida Times-Union recently http://www.jacksonville.com/tu-online/stories/080204/bus_16228967.shtml

Web site News

 It's good to see there have been over 10,000 visits to my web site from 51 different countries since it went live at the end of Feb. 2003.  Visitors have come from  Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Cote D'Ivoire, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenja, Korea, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Venuzuela

Web site changes
With one click view Rosemary's photos on the Getty Images, SuperStock, Alamy and ChromazoneFlowers websites. Select links at the bottom of each photo page.

Web site photography
Photographs on my web site are copyrighted but it has come to my attention that a number have been downloaded and used.  I'm happy for my images to be used as part of a school or college project. Just let me know. Any other use is prohibited. Use can be obtained through agencies, direct links are provided. For images without links please contact me on rosemarycalvert@rosemarycalvert.com

 GoStat hit counters were set to zero by hackers. 15,400 needs to be added to the figure shown below for total hits since February 2003.

Get a GoStats hit counter
I seem to be missing hits so I've decided to start checking my hits with another counter

Reports on Events in 2005
June 23rd - July 5th 2005 Spitzbergen to photograph polar bears on sea ice. Trip organized by www.photosafaris.com . Not a success. There were no good opportunities for close up polar bear photography.This was most unusual and it was the first time this had happened after five years of good opportunities for close up polar bear photography during trips at this time of year.

Weekend 9th/10th April 2005 The annual Royal Photographic Society Travel Group weekend held in Cheltenham at The Queen's Hotel.
 We were treated to a variety of speakers in the beautiful location of Cheltenham and stately accommodation of The Queen's Hotel. For me the highlight was a presentation from Brian Jones OBE who gave a talk on his round the world balloon flight in 1999. He used the proceeds to set up a charity 'Winds of Hope' to combat the facial disfiguring disease Noma in African children.

Rosemary gave an illustrated presentation on travel  to the Arctic and Antarctica titled 'Photography in the Polar Regions' on Sunday 11th 2005. The talk went smoothly and was well received in the end but was delayed until Sunday afternoon because of digital projector problems. I think we all learnt some valuable lessons about digital photography and in particular projection of images. It's a steep learning curve and new information is very valuable.  I learnt that bulbs in projectors fail slowly causing the increasing washing out of images and need to be replaced when image quality is beginning to suffer. The bulb finally failed in the projector. Also that if the link between the computer and projector is analogue,not digital, and is over 6 meters in length ghosting appears around images. These are all good lessons and a positive outcome of the weekend as they taught us all something. That is after all what these weekends are all about. Presentations supported by projected slides began to look good in comparison but these problems will be ironed out and I feel the future is in digital projection. I would recommend a digital projector leant to me by Canon in February 2004 Canon LV-X2. They may even have a better one by now but this one was superb and made my images look as if they were taken on Fuji Velvia.

Reports on Events in 2004

November 18th -December 18th 2004 Emperor Penguins - Antarctic trip organized by Joseph van Os Photo Safaris www.photosafaris.com . Russian ice-breaker, Kapitan Khlebnikov, with two helicopters on board . Boat takes 100 passengers. This was the most amazing trip. We broke so many records.We were the first tour ship to visit Halley, British Antarctic Survey. The emperor penguins were beautiful and I loved breaking through the ice as we crossed the Weddell Sea. I took over 4,500 images, mostly digital which will take me months to sort thoroughly.

Monday October 4th 2004  Presentation to Kingston Camera Club on `Close-up Nature and Travel Photography' at  8pm,
Venue:  St John Ambulance Brigade HQ, Athelstan Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey.
The presentation was received with great enthusiasm and I was pleaed with how much inspiration club memebers seemed to draw from it.

15th September - 22nd September 2004 Trip to Colorado to photograph aspens in autumn. Snow fell during the last few days, what a treat. More photos on 'Recent Trips' page accessible through 'Gallery'on home page.

Mountain forest after snow, Colorado
ATW 478

Wild rose and hips on aspen leaves after rain, Colorado
Aspen leaves after rain, Colorado

Aspen leaves after rain, Colorado

19th June - 3rd July 2004 Royal Photographic Society trip to Namibia organized by Hoskins tours www.hosking-tours.co.uk  (01728 861113)  

There was 14 in the party, including the guide and coach driver who has his own tour company www.africa-sun-tours.com We travelled approx 4,500 km seeing a great deal of the country and staying in some fine lodges and hotels. The highlight for me was visiting Dead Vlei in the Namib Desert and seeing for myself the stark, graphic dead trees against a backdrop of sandunes.  For some time I 've been fascinated by photos I've seen of Deaf Vlei. A new page 'Namibia' has been added
Cape fur seal surprises Rosemary - photographer Audrey Cornall

February 21st - 28th 2004. Wild Scotland in winter.  Organizers 'Wildshots'  www.wildshots.co.uk
Ten partcipants enjoyed a varied week of landscape and wildlife photography. Hides were available for greater spotted woodpecker and garden bird photography and feeding areas for red squirrel and crested tit. The last couple of days we had a good fall of snow giving some excellent opportunites for landscape photography. Rosemary gave a half day workshop on close-up and macro photography during the week.

Blue tit
Canon EOS 10D, Sigma 50-500mm lens plus 1.4mm converter.

Red squirrel in heather, Glenfeshie, Scotland..
Greater spotted woodpecker
Canon EOS 10D, Sigma 50-500mm lens plus 1.4mm converter

Coal tit
Canon EOS 10D, Sigma 50-500mm lens plus 1.4mm converter.

February 8th 2004. RPS East Anglia division.
At The Fold, Billericay on Sunday 8th February 2004 Rosemary Calvert FRPS gave a presentation to the RPS East Anglia division titled
'Extremes - From Macro to Polar Regions'

Rosemary divided the afternoon presentation into two parts. She began with macro and close-up photography showing a large number of slides which she used to illustrate ideas for subjects and techniques she uses. The slides were arranged in seasons starting with winter and working through to autumn. She ended the presentation with a 5 minute sequence of slides, 'Through the Seasons' which was set to music.

After a short break Rosemary moved on to Polar Regions explaining that her 3 years living close to the Rocky Mountains in Canada had ignited in her a love for ice and snow. She showed another 5 minute sequence set to music titled 'Winter', then took us to Antarctica with a travelogue outlining two trips to Antarctica organized by   www.peregrineadventures.com again illustrated with numerous slides.

Rosemary completed her presentation switching to a Canon LV-X2 digital projector, kindly loaned to her by Canon, and showed slides she had taken in Greenland and Hudson Bay using a Canon 10D digital camera.

(Write up RPS East Anglia division bulletin.)

Reports on Events in 2003
 Monday 24th November 2003 Presentation to Charnwood Imaging  Group
An Evening with Rosemary Calvert at Brush Social Club, Fennel Street, Loughborough at 7.30pm
Rosemary presented an evening of close-up nature and travel photography which was well received. Click direct link for club report.

Tuesday 11th November - Friday 14th November 2003
Practical Photography Reader's Break in Exmoor, staying at The White Horse Inn, Exford
Tuesday 11th November - Friday 14th November 2003 with Editor William Cheung FRPS,  landscape photography expert Peter Hendrie
and professional nature and landscape photographer Rosemary Calvert FRPS
We had a group of very keen participants this year and everyone seemed to enjoy the photography and excellent food. Although the light wasn't really good enough to capture stunning panoramic landscapes there were plenty of opportunities for extraction and intimate landscapes as seen below.  

Sunset over Exmoor
Bracken, Watersmeet

Water and leaves, Robber's Bridge
Water and leaves, Robber's Bridge

Pebbles and rocks, Hurlstone Point
Bracken, Watersmeet

Photographs taken with a Canon EOS 10D

Sunday 9th Nov. 2003 I spent a wonderful morning photographing deer in Richmond Park with photographer
Angie Sharp, www.sharp-photographs.co.uk

Canon EOS 10D images
Male red deer, Richmond Park
Fallow deer, Richmond Park
Fallow deer, Richmond Park
Male fallow deer, Richmond Park

Monday 20th October 2003 Princes Risborough Photographic Society www.prps.org.uk. Lecture 'Close-up Nature and Travel Photography'.
Open only to members and invited guests. Rosemary's presentation was enthusiastically received and  many members commented that they found it inspiring. It is lovely to share images and feel that it gives other photographers a boost in their enthusiasm.

Practical Photography Westonbirt Arboretum Readers'  Break
Nights of Sunday 12th and Monday 13th October 2003 at Hare and Hounds Hotel, Westonbirt, Glos. Tel. 01666 880233.  23 participants enjoyed some excellent photography. The leaves have turned early this year and there was plenty of colour, although drout has lead to some of the leaves shrivelling on the trees. The first evening Rosemary gave a presentation of slides taken at Westonbirt in autumn over the last few years and on the second night William Cheung showed a collection of his dramatic black and white portraits.The food at the Hare and Hounds Hotel was superb and photography talk flowed freely.
Select 'Gallery' at top of page then 'Westonbirt Arboretum'  to view images Rosemary took during the break.

Photos taken on PP Readers' Break using a Canon EOS 10D

image 200128800-001

image 200128795-001

Monday September 29th 2003 Amersham Photographic Society www.amershamphotosoc.com  'An Evening with Rosemary Calvert' ,  non members welcome.
Rosemary's presentation was well recieved by an enthusiastic membership. If you live in the area and are interested in furthering your digital skills this is the club for you.

Monday September 15th 2003 Kingston Camera Club `The Best of Rosemary Calvert'  8pm at St John Ambulance Brigade HQ, Athelstan Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey.http://www.kingstoncameraclub.co.uk/page5.html      Cancelled  I'm sorry if you were looking forward to this presentation. I'm afraid I caught the ship's virus ( some kind of cold or 'flu) on my trip ending 13th Sept.

August 29th - September 13th 2003 trip to Spitzbergen and North East Greenland organized by Arcturus. www.arcturusexpeditions.co.uk and www.ocnwide.com
I've never before experienced a group of passengers that were so much fun. Laughing was daily on the programme. Spitzbergen in September was disappointing. Most of the flowers were over and the birds had migrated but we did see polar bears and walruses which was great. The scenery in Scoresby Sund, North East Greenland, was stunning and that, together with a couple of incredible sunsets and numerous massive icebergs, made the trip worthwhile. If you try this trip be prepared for some unusual cuisine on board. For more photos taken during the trip click on 'High Arctic' at the top of this page.

Polar bear and cubs, Spitzbergen

Walruses, Spitzbergen
Iceberg, Scoresby Sund,
East Greenland
similar image 1447-253

Iceberg at sunset, Scoresby Sund, East Greenland
image 200118509-001

Sunset reflected on water, Scoreby Sund, East Greenland

11th - 26th July 2003 Arctic Photographic trip to Greenland, Baffin Is.and Hudson Bay organized by www.peregrineadventures.com
It was a most enjoyable trip with sunshine almost every day. We saw polar bears, walrus, cliffs covered with guillemots and much much more. To see photos taken with a Canon EOS 10D (digital) and Canon EOS 10 (film) click on 'Arctic' at top of page.

Iceberg, Ijsfiord, Greenland
image 200116317-001

White arctic bell-heather, High Bluff Island
Sunset over Baffin Island

7th and 8th April   I had an excellent trip to Birling Gap with photographer Tim Humber www.tim.humber.btinternet.co.uk who kindly offered to show me some good places for photography. We had continual sunshine and some marvellous sunrises and sunsets. See 'Recent Travel' for more photos. I recommend the area for landscape photography.
March 19th - March 22nd 2003 Glacier National Park, Argentina, organize through www.peregrineadventures.com and www.exodus.co.uk
This was a not to be missed extension to the Antarctic trip. Glacier National Park is in Patagonia accessed from El Calafate. The glaciers were massive, larger than anything I've ever seen before in either Antarctica or the Canadian Rockies. Check the 'Recent Trips' page accessible through 'Gallery' for more photographs.

                     Spegazzini Glacier, Patagonia.
                  Iceberg, Brazo Upsala, Patagonia

March 6th - March 18th  2003 Trip to Antarctica organized by www.peregrineadventures.com and www.exodus.co.uk . It was an excellent trip and I'd recommend it to anyone who loves wildlife and adventure. We photographed whales and seals that were only feet from the Zodiac and penguins passed by only inches from us. The icebergs were superb, like beautiful sculptures graded from white to the most vivid azure blue. Check the 'Antarctica' page for Canon EOS D60 and Canon EOS 10 images.
Some of the photos taken with the Canon EOS D60 have been published in Practical Photography June issue on sale in Britain from 22nd May 2003.

Saturday March 1st 2 p.m., Carbis Bay Hotel, St. Ives, Cornwall. Lecture to Royal Photographic Society S. W. Region `Macro and Travel Photography'. Royal Photographic Society web site www.rps.org . RPS South West Region web site www.rps-southwest.org
It was a great weekend - lots of good company, photography talk and excellent food.  Rosemary's lecture 'Macro and Travel Photography' was well received on Saturday and Tony Woribiec gave a superb presentation of tinted prints on Sunday. We even had time to play on the beach and take some photographs, see below.

     Limpets on rock, St. Ives , Cornwall.
   Barnacles and limpets on rock  St. Ives, Cornwall.

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